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Business Travel Bag - Holds Much More Than Other Bags

Less Baggage - Packs all of your business essentials with ease and meets the carry-on bag requirements, which means you can travel light and still have all of your business attire readily available to you without having to check in a bag.

Waterproof - Waterproof fabric lining that keeps your clothing dry and other materials safe from any potential water damage so you never have to worry about your clothes getting wet. 

Reliable - Impact resistance makes sure that your clothes are completely safe so you can be styling and profiling without any wrinkles or torn fabrics.

Wrinkle Free Suits - Makes it a breeze to throw right on soon as you hop off the plane. Suit compartment keeps your suit neatly organized and stowed away so you can just grab it and go giving you less hassle when you have to get ready in a hurry for your next meeting.

Multiple Interior Pockets - Keeps all of your belongings stowed away and in place specifically designated for different areas - one pocket for your shoes, one pocket for your smartphone accessories, and another one for any important business documents or travel papers, keeping you better organized and knowing where everything is without rushing at the last minute.